Engage with The Truth Guru

To have Lazaro Angelus Lanza, THE one and only Truth Guru, appear on your media or social media channels, or hire him for in-person or virtual speaking engagements at conventions, corporations, meetings, etc., please make contact at:

[email protected]

LAL would love to visit with you on your podcast, YouTube channel, or any other media!

You can also hire or invite the Truth Guru

– to speak on legal issues, especially self-defense law

– to write articles, forwards for books, or co-write books

– to speak at political engagements i.e. political rallies, shows, or conventions

– to perform as a motivational speaker

– to present his expertise to any type of body, mind, or spirit groups

– to speak about and mentor on A Course In Life and/or general metaphysics

– to mentor and/or give counsel on matters of body and mind and/or spirit

– to perform as a bodyguard, self-defense trainer in hand-to-hand combat,  or physical fitness trainer

– to share his knowledge as a drumming instructor, and perform studio and live gigs as a drummer

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