About the Truth Guru

Lazaro Angelus Lanza brings unprocessed truth to the shadows behind politics and government; pharmaceuticals, the medical field, vaccines, and the need for quality food, air, and water; history, philosophy, religion and spirituality; globalism and conspiracies; relationships, mental health, metaphysics, and addiction; media, the justice system, Second Amendment and gun rights, self-defense rights, constitutional rights, and many other matters of societal magnitude.

Lazaro Angelus Lanza was on his deathbed when he abandoned conventional medicine and learned the holistic methodology that saved his life. After saving his own life and creating powerful changes within, he became committed to sharing his healing journey through a body-mind-spirit mission called A Course In Life. This larger mission is to help others save and advance their lives, themselves, and their minds- physically, consciously, and spiritually. 

Lazaro Angelus Lanza studies and teaches Mixed Martial Arts and hand-to-hand real-life combat, trains others and himself in physical fitness, and is a professional drummer. He is available for hire local to the Northeast or via teleconferencing, to teach all his skills and convey all his principles to individuals or groups, through classes and speaking engagements- simply send a message for more information! LAL is happy to arrange lessons or talks on all subjects from The BadAss Truth (formerly KickAssBadAss), Program in Truth (formerly A Course In Life), and beyond.

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