The Truth Period

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The truth sets us free on all levels and in all ways. Always. That is The Truth, Period.

The truth setting us free doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with spirituality. Truth is non-negotiable; it is steady, changeless, timeless, and everlasting. The truth sets us free because the truth is what it is; it is absolute, it has no opposite, and nothing can threaten it.

On a physical level, the truth about the body tells us how to create and maintain perfect or near-perfect health effortlessly. Would it not be nice to know the truth about physical health? Would it not be nice to know the truth about nutrition? Would it not be nice to know the truth about longevity? This is not only possible, it is inevitable- but only once we drop the fallible, unreliable, and undependable belief in “human opinion” and seek to accept and incorporate the truth.

On a mental and emotional level, the truth is that we were all born to be happy and healthy within. Being happy and healthy within is our birthright; it is our normal state. It is when we find ourselves out of alignment with the truth that we lose that inner health and happiness. We must realign ourselves with the truth to restore our happiness and health. This truth is a beautiful thing.

On a spiritual level, truth does indeed set us all free. What is spiritualism to one is religion to another. To some, the spirit is a higher power, and to others still, the spirit exists all around us and extends into the universe. Our definitions of truth may differ among us, but the truth, however, remains steadfast. Our differing beliefs do not change the truth, for the truth is what it is, period.

Beyond our inner truth lies the outside world, where the truth can be a friend that supports you unconditionally through all the issues that genuinely matter. The truth is an unwavering compass, and how can a sure-compass do anything but give sure-directions? When your life is directed by a truth-GPS, you are sure to reach your destination. The search is over once the truth is found.

The glorious truth of truth, though, is that it extends limitless love to all. Truth comes to meet the seeker. Whatever the seeker may believe, or feel, is not relevant. What is relevant is that the seeker is wholly willing to allow truth to teach and guide them in unearthing lasting peace. The truth is that peace, in the end, is what we all seek. Without peace, we have nothing, and that is the truth, period.

The project of Truth Period is to offer you an invitation and an opportunity to be presented with the truth on every level. All that is required to be set free is a yearning to know The Truth. The rest will come naturally- because the truth is natural. Assuredly, the fact that truth stands non-negotiable means that no matter how much we may drift from the truth in thought, belief, or behavior, the truth will always be there to welcome us all back home.

 Truth does indeed set us free. And that is the Truth Period.

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